Why can’t I drain my fiberglass pool?

The water in your fiberglass pool is dirty; your first reaction is to drain the pool and refill.  When you own a fiberglass pool draining your pool is a big no-no.

The design of a fiberglass pool does not allow for the water to be removed.  The simplest explanation is that the walls of your pool may buckle crack or worse collapse.  The manufacturers of fiberglass pools will not warranty or repair damages caused by external pressure on the wall of a pool.  Because of soil conditions such as sand, dirt, and water that settle against the walls, this can cause them to buckle, crack, or move. Therefore, by keeping internal pressure against the walls, the will not become distorted.

Most fiberglass pools do not have a main drain with hydro-static relief valve to equalize hydraulic water pressure under the pool.

Because water is above plumbing fittings, we use a different procedure to winterize the pool.  Always check your plugs to ensure a good seal takes place each year.  This will help prevent water from getting into piping under the ground.

What can you do to prevent dirty water in your pool during the winter months?  The best thing to do is add chlorine and algaecide to the water about once a month.  If you own a mesh safety cover then adding these chemicals is a must as the water is constantly getting sun throughout the winter months.

Professional Industries offers a service where we visit your pool once a month to add chlorine and an algaecide to help keep your pool water as clean and clear as possible during the winter months.