No More Cold Sweats Over the Pool

Pool & Spa ClosingsWhether you manage a commercial pool or oversee the cool oasis in your own backyard, you know that one of the trickiest parts of caring for a swimming pool is the winter closing sequence. There’s a lot to remember, the correct chemicals to buy and add in the correct amounts, and you don’t want to leave something important undone just to remember it later, when it’s too late.

Complete and Professional Swimming Pool Closing Service

We are proud to offer the absolute best swimming pool service to be had in St. Louis. We take a lot of pride in caring for the beautiful, unique, and valuable investments that both commercial property owners and homeowners have made. If you’ve made that investment, you need to invest in the right care for it. Call today to take advantage of our competitive rates.

Our full-service swimming pool closing includes:

  • Lowering water to appropriate level
  • Draining and plugging all pressure and suction lines
  • Opening and draining all necessary valves
  • Draining the filter, pump, and pool heater
  • Cleaning all pipes with pressurized air
  • Adding non-toxic antifreeze to lines
  • Shocking pool with appropriate chemical dosage
  • Adding algaecide and sequestering agent
  • Installing cover

We’re happy to customize this service to meet your exact needs. Call us today to talk about your options.

Complete Swimming Pool Solutions

Pool & Spa ClosingsIn addition to our complete pool closing services, we also offer special winter swimming pool services for St. Louis pool owners. Our monthly maintenance service will help keep your winter cover clear of water and debris during the winter. Our filter cleaning service removes all oil, dirt, and chemical residue accumulated through the pool season, ensuring that your filter works at peak performance for the next season. Our salt cell service follows recommendations by salt chlorinator manufacturers that you have your cell cleaned and decalcified at least once a year. Call us today to find out which of our services will work best for your St. Louis swimming pool.

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