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Rising Costs Make Pool Automation an Attractive Choice

Swimming Pool Automation is a Great Choice for Energy Efficiency

With the cost of electricity, natural gas, and water rising it is important to consider automating your swimming pool.  Automating your pool makes it very easy to control your pool equipment with a remote control.  Another reason to consider adding an automated control to your swimming pool equipment is because they are really cool!  Check out our pool and spa page for more information!

There are many levels of automation.  Most use a remote giving you the ability turn up your or down your heater, turn on your pool lights, or turn on your pool cleaner.  All from the comfort of your recliner.  Some systems let you control your outside lights or your sprinklers.  The coolest automated systems allow you to control your pools equipment with the use of your smart phone.

Now that I mentioned the cool stuff about automated systems here are reasons why they make your pool more energy efficient.  Automated controllers communicate with your variable speed pump saving you hundreds of dollars per year in operational costs.  The ability to easily adjust the temperature of your heater saves on the amount of energy it takes to heat your pool.  Automated systems provide detailed efficiency readouts allowing you to adapt to the pool’s energy usage.

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