Insulation Sale “Sort Of”

Recently, I received an email from one of those coupon companies that offers a sweetheart deal; don’t pass up this kind of offer for attic insulation, from one of our competitors.

The coupon was from St. Clair Corporation for 50% off attic insulation.  Believe me when I tell you, half off of anything grabs my attention and probably yours as well.  Obviously, since it was a competitor of Beldner’s Insulation I wanted to know more about the offer. I was also concerned as to how we could compete with such an offer.  As I read about the offer I was amazed as to how much St. Clair Corporation was charging for attic insulation plus how they sold insulation in general.  The way St. Clair is pricing out their product is not only deceptive but violates the Federal Trade Commission mandate on how companies are allowed to sell insulation which is by R-Value.  R-Value is the thermal resistance that the insulating material has.  R-Value is equal no matter what type of insulating material you choose.

In the coupon St. Clair claims that for 1800 cubic feet of blown in fiberglass insulation; that will cost you $4230. After the discount you pay $2115. While reading and digesting this; it took me a few minutes to figure out what 1800 cubic feet of blown in insulation translated to in layman terms. My best guess is that St. Clair is installing an R-30 (12 inches) of blown in fiberglass to an 1800 square foot home.  That is just over $1.18 a square foot. That does not sound too bad to reduce your energy bill by 20% or more. Then I looked at our price for the same amount of insulation.  Beldner’s Insulation charges $.63 a square foot for a better grade of fiberglass insulation. That is almost half of St. Clair’s sale price.  Not to wheel and deal even more, but if you went with cellulose insulation (which I believe is a superior product, check out my other blog) our everyday price for an R-30 is $.50 per square foot.  For the same 1800 square foot project our price for fiberglass insulation would be $1134.00 and $900.00 for blown in cellulose insulation. Not such a deal from St. Clair is it?

Because I also want the consumer to know the whole truth; one other inaccuracy in the advertisement concerns the tax credit that is currently available. St.  Clair states that you can earn a 30% tax credit for insulating your attic when in reality the available tax credit is only 10%. And the tax credit expires on 12/31/2011.

If you would like for me to forward you the email coupon from St. Clair let me know, I will be happy to do it.  I guess this shows in all home improvement projects it is best to get three estimates. And you should call Beldner’s Insulation at (314) 428-6095 for one of them. One last thing, we do have our own coupon on our website that will save you $25.00 off our price.

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