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One of the most often un-thought of services that Beldner’s Insulation offers is insulation removal.  Insulation is like rice, it multiplies when you try to remove it yourself.  Beldner’s Insulation owns equipment specifically designed to remove insulation without the need for damaging shovels and trash bags.

Why, you might ask, would you want to have insulation removed from a building.  The first and most apparent reason is water damage.  For any loose fill or batted insulation, cellulose, fiberglass or any other type, once it gets wet the efficiency of the product decreases.  Water adds weight and will compact the insulation possibly rendering it a better conductor than insulator.  That compaction also slows down the drying time potentially leading to microbial growth, MOLD.  That mold can build up in your attic and eventually into your home leading to a number of health hazards.  Products that are in the field that have chemical additives to prevent fire and mold may no longer work with the chemicals being washed out of them.  This has created not only an are where there is little effective insulation, but also a possible fire hazard.

insulation removalRemoving insulation is also the best way to cut down on the debris created when renovating a home.  In particular, fiberglass is a very lightweight product that is easily airborne when tampered with.  Airborne fiberglass fibers have been linked to cancer, a warning that is carried on every insulation label.  By removing the insulation before renovation of a ceiling takes place, the airborne particles of insulation are all but eliminated.  Once the work has begun, the labor becomes more efficient with electricians and plumbers no longer having to fight through a mess to correctly complete their work.  This leads to less time on the job site and happier customers.

Fire damage is often a cause for renovations to begin, but in order to get rid of the odor that persists after a fire all porous materials need to be cleaned.  Furniture can be cleaned, walls can be cleaned and painted, but insulation in your attic can only be removed and replaced.  The residue from the smoke will linger for years to come and the removal will eliminate the odor and allow for the renovation to continue with minimal additional time and labor.

The final reason that a removal may need to take place is a direct result of Mother Nature.  Animals find their way  into our homes whether we like it or not.  The animals we find in attics are often varying in size from mice and bats to squirrels and raccoons.  Yes, that is right, the pitter patter you hear coming from your attic may be coming from one of these pests.  And, as always, with a pest comes feces, carrying with it another odor that can permeate through a house.  I have even had customers say that other trades (cable repairman, electrician, etc…) will not work in an unhealthy environment like one that is infested with animals.  Removal is the only option to guarantee a clean, healthy work space.

As a byproduct of any insulation removal is the ability to then re-insulate and air seal a home to the greatest level.  Yes, air sealing can be done with insulation present but the work takes longer and the possibility of not having a full seal is always present due to loose dust and debris.  With the insulation removed the labor costs can be decreased and the job charge is less.

As you can see, there are many reasons to remove and replace attic insulation.  If you are in one of these situations, you may want to consult insulation and energy conservation experts to make a better informed decision on your renovation needs.

Note:  Due to the uncertain nature of vermiculite and the possible presence of asbestos, we cannot remove vermiculite without it first being tested and certified that the vermiculite does not contain asbestos.


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