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Why can’t I drain my fiberglass pool?

Why can’t I drain my fiberglass pool?

The water in your fiberglass pool is dirty; your first reaction is to drain the pool and refill.  When you own a fiberglass pool draining your pool is a big no-no.

The design of a fiberglass pool does not allow for the water to be removed.  The simplest explanation is that the walls of your pool may buckle crack or worse collapse.  The manufacturers of fiberglass pools will not warranty or repair damages caused by external pressure on the wall of a pool.  Because of soil conditions such as sand, dirt, and water that settle against the walls, this can cause them to buckle, crack, or move. Therefore, by keeping internal pressure against the walls, the will not become distorted.

Most fiberglass pools do not have a main drain with hydro-static relief valve to equalize hydraulic water pressure under the pool.

Because water is above plumbing fittings, we use a different procedure to winterize the pool.  Always check your plugs to ensure a good seal takes place each year.  This will help prevent water from getting into piping under the ground.

What can you do to prevent dirty water in your pool during the winter months?  The best thing to do is add chlorine and algaecide to the water about once a month.  If you own a mesh safety cover then adding these chemicals is a must as the water is constantly getting sun throughout the winter months.

Professional Industries offers a service where we visit your pool once a month to add chlorine and an algaecide to help keep your pool water as clean and clear as possible during the winter months.

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Financing Available to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool and its Surroundings!

Our swimming pool distributor is proud to announce that it has partnered with Lending Club to make loans to upgrade your swimming pool equipment at competitive interest rates.  Items that can be financed included heaters, pumps, liners, filters, and salt chlorinatorsRenovations such as plastering your pool or painting your pool are eligible.

Click on this link for more information and to apply.


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Beware Before You Purchase a Swimming Pool Heater Online

We all like the convenience of shopping online.  It is great not to have a salesperson lurking over your shoulder while trying to make a decision on what you would like to purchase.  This information about products online is very plentiful.  A lot of times the items online may even appear to cost less.  That may even be the case when considering buying your new swimming pool heater online.

Sometimes, upon further review, buying your heater online is not such a great deal.  Did you know that many swimming pool heater manufacturers void their warranty if you purchase your heater online?  This means if anything should be defective or falter in your heater; you are financially responsible for the repair costs.  The average minor repair cost on a heater starts at $150.00 and goes up from there.  Attempting to install the heater yourself is very difficult and potentially very dangerous.  Our heater technicians undergo extensive training by the manufacturer and by our swimming pool association.  Many online retailers carry last year’s stock.  Many times the products you receive are older, discontinued, or outdated models.

Think of it this way…Would you ever consider buying a furnace for your home online? Buying a heater online is the same thing.

Professional Industries, Inc. carries all of the top swimming pool heater brands and installs them.  Not only that, but we are the warranty repair station for most of these manufacturers.  If you ever have any problems we will take care of everything.  If you are ready to replace your existing heater or want to install one for the first time; we have the right products at competitive prices plus we have the trained staff to install them right way.  Call us today at (314) 428-6095 or email us at


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Pool Leaks are Like Finding a Needle in a Hay Stack

Was your pool leaking last season?  Doesn’t it drive you crazy to have to fill your pool up with water every day?  I bet you ask yourself, “what am I doing wrong?” And I would say, probably nothing at all.  It may just be evaporation.

A quick and easy way to check to see if your pool is leaking or if it is evaporation is to do a “Bucket Test”.  Here is what you do…

  1. Bring the pool water to its normal operating level.
  2. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with pool water about 3 – 4 inches from the top.
  3. Put the bucket on the second step of your pool.  Do not submerse the bucket.
  4. With a marker or piece of tape, mark the water level on the inside of the bucket.
  5. Mark the water level of your pool with a piece of tape.
  6. Wait 24 hours.  No swimming is allowed during this time period.

After 24 hours, compare the two levels.  If the amount of water lost is the same in the bucket and the pool, then it is evaporation.  If the water in the pool has gone down more than the water in the bucket, then you have a leak.  Trying out this “Bucket Test” before calling is a great way to save the expense of a service call.

If your pool has a leak, then here are some potential causes:

Unless you can see water dripping around your equipment, chances are the leak may be somewhere in your pool’s underground pipes.  Your swimming pool has hundreds of feet of piping underground surrounding your pool.  Determining where that leak is, is a difficult task.  It is like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Professional Industries, Inc., has trained technicians to locate your potential leak.  We have sonar equipment that helps us listen to detect the area where your pool is leaking.

Underground plumbing is where approximately 75% of leaks occur.  It is also possible for leaks to occur around your light fixtures, around your skimmers, in your tile, a crack in the pool surface, or a hole in your liner.  For these types of leaks we perfom dye testing to determine whether or not your pool is leaking.  The last place to look for a leak is in the equipment.  For this we are able to do a visual inspection to determine what the best course of action is.

If you think your pool is leaking, you can call us at (314) 428-6095 or email us at and we will evaluate your situation and discuss your options.

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Rising Costs Make Pool Automation an Attractive Choice

Swimming Pool Automation is a Great Choice for Energy Efficiency

With the cost of electricity, natural gas, and water rising it is important to consider automating your swimming pool.  Automating your pool makes it very easy to control your pool equipment with a remote control.  Another reason to consider adding an automated control to your swimming pool equipment is because they are really cool!  Check out our pool and spa page for more information!

There are many levels of automation.  Most use a remote giving you the ability turn up your or down your heater, turn on your pool lights, or turn on your pool cleaner.  All from the comfort of your recliner.  Some systems let you control your outside lights or your sprinklers.  The coolest automated systems allow you to control your pools equipment with the use of your smart phone.

Now that I mentioned the cool stuff about automated systems here are reasons why they make your pool more energy efficient.  Automated controllers communicate with your variable speed pump saving you hundreds of dollars per year in operational costs.  The ability to easily adjust the temperature of your heater saves on the amount of energy it takes to heat your pool.  Automated systems provide detailed efficiency readouts allowing you to adapt to the pool’s energy usage.

If you would like more information about automating your pool please call us at (314) 428-6095 or email us at