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Beware Before You Purchase a Swimming Pool Heater Online

We all like the convenience of shopping online.  It is great not to have a salesperson lurking over your shoulder while trying to make a decision on what you would like to purchase.  This information about products online is very plentiful.  A lot of times the items online may even appear to cost less.  That may even be the case when considering buying your new swimming pool heater online.

Sometimes, upon further review, buying your heater online is not such a great deal.  Did you know that many swimming pool heater manufacturers void their warranty if you purchase your heater online?  This means if anything should be defective or falter in your heater; you are financially responsible for the repair costs.  The average minor repair cost on a heater starts at $150.00 and goes up from there.  Attempting to install the heater yourself is very difficult and potentially very dangerous.  Our heater technicians undergo extensive training by the manufacturer and by our swimming pool association.  Many online retailers carry last year’s stock.  Many times the products you receive are older, discontinued, or outdated models.

Think of it this way…Would you ever consider buying a furnace for your home online? Buying a heater online is the same thing.

Professional Industries, Inc. carries all of the top swimming pool heater brands and installs them.  Not only that, but we are the warranty repair station for most of these manufacturers.  If you ever have any problems we will take care of everything.  If you are ready to replace your existing heater or want to install one for the first time; we have the right products at competitive prices plus we have the trained staff to install them right way.  Call us today at (314) 428-6095 or email us at


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This article is a good reminder for pool owners before they buy their pool heater online. Having a swimming pool is a huge investment.It is only proper that when buying your equipment for your swimming pool, it should come from a reputable source as well.

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