Radiant Barriers are a Great Way to Cool Your Home from the Sun’s Heat

Radiant Barriers are the next generation in making your home more energy efficient.  If you own a two story home and are having issues cooling the second floor; installing a radiant barrier is a great way to help with this issue.  They also work great for ranch style homes as well.

Radiant Barriers will reduce attic temperature by BLOCKING 97% of the radiant heat that attempts to enter your attic.  By blocking the radiant heat it helps maintain the climate in your attic and in the living area of your home.  The radiant barrier reduces the air temperature of your attic especially when it is warm outside.  Radiant barriers help extend the life of your HVAC unit.  During the colder months radiant barriers help by reflecting the heat loss back into your living space.

Call us today at (314) 428-6095 for a free estimate!  Currently until June 30, 2011 we will deduct $50.00 from the purchase and installation of a radiant barrier in your home.

Radiant Barriers also qualify for the 10% Federal Energy Tax Credit!


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